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22—25 September 2016


Mineheart, Super Brands London 2013

Mineheart produces the 'Lovable Collection' of furniture, lighting, wallpaper and interior accessories in the UK. On the boundary between art and product, the designs are selected to inspire us, many tell a story, express a poetic notion, a thought or an experiment, others just to make us smile!

Mineheart takes its name from the Shakespearian English words 'mine' and 'heart', meaning 'my heart' to express their passion to express freely, and passionately. Founded in 2010 by designers Brendan Young and Vanessa Battaglia, who are known for their playful approach to design, and innovative re-appropriation of materials and imagery.




30 High Street, Fenstanton PE28 9JZ. UK
+44 (0)845 4674580

Mineheart, Super Brands London 2013
Submitted by Megan on 17 July 2013
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