Two Shows Pure Design
Old Truman Brewery
24—27 September 2015

Super Talks

We find ourselves in a constantly fluctuating, interactive and connected world, dominated by never-ending waves of innovation and founded on global distribution and exchange.

This period of hyper change has afforded us the opportunity to experience things in an unprecedentedly diverse number of ways, changing how we choose to consume, connect to objects, interact with others, and engage with technology.

In the midst of this mass mobilisation there is a new type of person evolving: the agent. They push the boundaries of the materials we manufacture, create strategies for our well-being, anticipate the shape of the future, and take action against how we safeguard content, near and far.

It can be said that, in today’s world, where global brands both inspire and make us conform, whilst radical individuals and collectives turn ideas into reality, agency is the active element in design.

Mobilised is four days of topical debates discussing industry, ethics, futures and economies, presented by industry leaders, curatorial collectives, researchers and designers… in ways that make you think.

Curated by: Dani Admiss and Keinton Butler
Programming Assistant: Sarah Pennington

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All talks are free to attend; however, they booked out fast last year, so be sure to book online in advance so not to miss out.

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 Thursday, 19 September: Industry

11:00 - 12:30hrs > Materials First: Edra Unveiled

Working with leading international designers Fernando and Humberto Campana, Massimo Morozzi and Inga Sempè, Edra’s mix of tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and technology, has ensured their reputation as one of the most innovative contemporary furniture manufacturers operating today.

In this session, architect Daniele Bedini talks to Edra’s Michele Serafini about design innovation, the quest for new materials, and the ground breaking manufacturing techniques behind the Edra range. Not to be missed.

Chair: Daniele Bedini.
Speaker: Michele Serafini. Information on the panel >>

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13:00 - 13:30hrs > The Art of Creating Life Outdoors (organised by MDT-tex)

We are experiencing significant shifts in the demographics of most European cities. Accordingly, their social and economic sustainability has come under question. When skilled working populations fluctuate like never before, how does a city attract and retain people it wants? Enlai Hooi, creative director of MDT-tex approaches this question from the perspective of micro-urban design, offering strategies to be implemented for the improvement of public life. The lunch talk will be accompanied by a live workshop where invited architects contribute solutions to this question.

Speaker: Enlai Hooi. Information on the panel >>

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14:00 - 15:30hrs > Pause/Play: Taking Time in Digital Manufacturing

Powered by the seemingly instant availability of a digital matter, we are rapidly entering the third industrial revolution. In this 'always-on' world we expect everything instantly, but in fact digital matter, just like physical matter takes time and skill to craft.
Through an expert panel composed of manufacturers, digital practitioners and a leading design historian we will pause and reflect on the matters of the immaterial.

Chair: Ben Alun-Jones.
Speakers: Jonathan Rowley, Roel Wouters, Matthew Plummer- Fernandez & Dr. Sarah Teasley. Information on the panel >>

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16:00 - 17:30hrs > Green or Grey? Exploring the Middle-Ground of Sustainability

Ruled by a rigorous set of codes and guidelines, sustainability is designed to answer today's needs without compromising the future. But what happens when aesthetics get compromised along the way? Do designers find this discouraging?

This discussion addresses the designer's relationship with ethical practice, challenging the notion of 100% sustainable. By removing constraints and exploring the middle-ground, designers are more likely to engage freely and intuitively with sustainability, finding clever solutions through unregimented experimentation and self-directed creative practice.

Chair: Marc Péridis
Speakers: Nina Tolstrup, Ian Hunter & Rutger De Regt. Information on the panel >>

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Friday, 20 September: Ethics

11:00 - 12:30hrs > Urban Resilience: Local Waste to Energy

Small-scale sustainable energy production on a local level is common in the developing world, but can it make sense in the context of an established western city such as London?

Bringing together a wide network of waste to energy experts, inventors and designers, Friday morning’s workshop led by R-urban Wick, is a series of short presentations and demonstrations exploring sustainable energy production and waste management for urban neighbourhoods. Come join the conversation!

Chair: Andreas Lang
Speakers: R-Urban-Wick is a long-term project to establish, promote and support sustainable and collective practices in Hackney Wick. Hosting a number of workshops, tours and presentations they aim to set up a new user led facility - a Re-use Centre specific to Hackney Wick and Fish Island (HWFI), which emerges out of collective and collaborative action. Information on the panel >>

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14:00 - 15:30hrs > Codes of Conduct: The Virtues of a Sharing Economy

Start-ups and grass roots’ innovations are changing the way we consume, communicate and participate in products and services. Both online and offline, open platforms have empowered customers and citizens to collaborate in solving local, national and global problems. But what are the corporates doing to respond to this emerging trend and how are designers substituting the need to own with a desire to participate?

Social design practitioner Joanna Choukeir chairs a debate to question the new codes of conduct brought about by an economy of sharing.

Chair: Joanna Choukeir.
Speakers: Sherif Maktabi, Hugh Knowles & Oliver Hurrey. Information on the panel >>

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16:00 - 17:30hrs > Design For Good

Interrogating the opportunities and responsibilities at every stage of the design process, design writer Katie Treggiden asks how, in today’s world, is design doing good?

From the designers and manufacturers to the retailers and finally the users themselves, a panel of influential and inspiring industry speakers each give their viewpoint before opening out to an audience-led debate.

Chair: Katie Treggiden.
Speakers: Danielle Reid, Ben Reason, Sam Barbic & Alasdair Dixon. Information on the panel >>

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Saturday, 21 September: Futures

11:00 - 12:30hrs > Alterfutures

Alterfutures is a London-based platform for generating discussion, collaboration and critique around speculative design projects and practice – designs that question received expectations of the future and propose compelling alternatives.

In this session cultural researcher and curator Cher Potter, talks with designer and artist Ilona Gaynor about the narrative-driven worlds of future, fiction and design.

Chair: Cher Potter.
Speakers: Ilona Gaynor. Information on the panel >>

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14:00 - 15:30hrs > Grok Design: How Intermingled Design Intelligence is Revolutionising Business

‘Grokking design' is not just about making a company look good, it's about making it work simply and effectively within modernist principles and intermingling the design process within other spheres of production. More broadly, it's about companies designing their values and engineering a soul for themselves.

But how exactly does Grok Design work? Can any company enhance its output by following Grok Design principles? And could this little understood process hold the key to Britain’s industrial future?

Chair: Jack Gwilym Roberts. Information on the panel >>

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16:00 - 17:30hrs > Future Positive: Creating the Future, One Decision at a Time

Amplified by an increased connectivity between people, products and services, brands can help shape the future by influencing the choices we make as consumers.

In this session FutureBrand leads a series of talks and workshops designed to demonstrate the increasing influence of brands, and highlight the growing responsibilities corporations have in building a sustainable future.

Chair: Stephen Barber
Speakers: Will Bloor. Information on the panel >>

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Sunday, 22 September: Economies

11:30 - 13:00hrs > Intellectual Property: Is it worth it?

As a designer, you have the potential to make money from your ideas, but what are the best ways to manage and control your Intellectual Property? How do you know that you are not infringing trademark rules? This enabling session puts designers in touch with legal professionals, design mentors and designers who have experience of this process, to provide clarity on patents, trademarks and copyrights.

Questions for the speakers can be tweeted before the workshop to #ipsupertalks13

Chair: Manuela Macchi
Speakers: Yann Mathias & Colin O’Dowd. Information on the panel >>

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14:00 - 15:30hrs > Cash is Dead, Long Live Cash!

From the infamous rise of bitcoin to mobile payments, timebanking and the death of the chequebook, the way we pay and exchange value is dramatically changing. Do current forms of money adequately address the needs of communities and consumers today? How can designers work with communities to reconnect us to the concept of value?

This panel discussion explores the role of design in understanding and shaping the future of money and our complex, shifting relationships to it.

Chair: Dr Cecilia Wee
Speakers: Austin Houldsworth, Becky Booth & Matthew Slater. Information on the panel >>

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16:00 - 17:30hrs > Adapting to Sell

Triggered in part by the financial crisis of 2007-8, many designers have turned to self-production over industrial production as a way to reduce costs and maintain control over their end product.

This session will address some of the key issues designers face when selling their work, as an expert panel share their experiences of designing for a brand, selling though commercial representation and selling online.

Chair: Héloïse Parke
Speakers: Sebastian Bergne, Alex Chinneck, Pia Wüstenberg & Rachel Gannon. Information on the panel >>

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